[ANALYSIS] Does Gen Z care about social and political issues?

Next year’s elections will prove pivotal for our country.   카지노사이트 With issues like federalism and charter change looming in the horizon, electing the right leaders (especially senators) has never been more crucial for the future of our country and our democracy. At the same time, a sizeable number of next year’s voters will comprise the … Read more

Americans increasingly hiding true beliefs on key political issues, study finds

Some researchers believe “self-silencing” is skewing the population’s grasp of how people truly feel about key, hot-button political issues like abortion, 카지노사이트 COVID-19 policies and education. It’s a culture of walking on eggshells. People are just afraid to talk about politics,” said Emily Etkins, vice president and director of polling at the Cato Institute. Etkins … Read more