10 Ultimate Taiwan Snacks You Need To Bring Home

As with all travels, 카지노사이트 when the last day comes we strive to bring back as much of a place as possible!Taiwan is home to one of the most delicious foodstuffs and we’ve curated a list of 10 snacks you gotta make space for in your luggage – you’ll thank us for this!Did you know? You can now Klook food as well! It’s as simple as it gets – all you have to do is order via our website or mobile app, receive an e-voucher in your email and pick them up when you arrive in Taiwan! Collection points are usually at the airport terminal or sometimes at the store.

1. Kuai Che Pork Paper

This has gotta be one of the most interesting snacks from Taiwan – Pork Paper.I’m sorry, did you just say pork paper? Yes we did!Pork paper is a wonderful combination of pork, apple, almonds, soy sauce and sugar and you won’t be able to imagine its taste and texture until you actually EAT it. These snappy goodies have no MSG added and once you start, you’ll be crunching up the entire packet in no time.Pork paper is abundantly available in Taiwan, and you can find them at some night markets such as Shilin and Raohe. Alternatively, Kuai Che is most famous for its pork paper and is the most convenient for tourists because of it’s packaging.Rushing for that plane? Klook yourself some Kuai Che Pork Paper because you’re gonna need it!Klook Kuai Che Pork Paper now!

2. Zeng Noodles

Now this my friend, ain’t like no other instant noodle you have at home. This is the ultimate Sichuan Pepper and Scallion Spring Onion instant noodle that will beat all others, hands down.The noodles look unique, almost ribbon-like which attributes to its premium chewy texture, very different from the regular instant noodles. It’s manufactured to be almost as good as slurping down hand-made noodles, and you can have it dry or soup – it’s up to you!

It’ll be a hot favourite if you enjoy Mala, a popular spicy and numbing sauce that has taken the hearts of many. The Sichuan Peppercorns in the noodles’ seasoning gives it a unique minty and spicy taste; we absolutely love it!Hurry, klook a couple of packets at the airport before you jet back home!(psst, better get more because you won’t stop at one, nor will your friends and family)Klook Zeng Noodles Now!

3. Sugar and Spice Nougat

We’re sure everyone has heard or seen this little nougat lying around someone’s home! These wonderful bite-sized treats are sweet, chewy, nutty and milky – perfect for a pop per day. They come in a variety of flavours including the original French Nougat, Strawberry and Toffee.Acclaimed for using top quality ingredients and no preservatives, Sugar and Spice only uses natural butter from the Normandy region of France and Californian Almonds. 바카라사이트 Because it’s au naturale, the milk fragrance (from the butter) will fade as time goes by and the firmness will alter according to the temperature of its storage location. It will become hard and crack easily when stored in low temperature. No fear though, they still taste really good!

You can purchase these goodies from the Sugar and Spice flagship store at No.357, Sec. 3, Wenxin Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.) if you’re nearby or why not just order a couple of boxes and conveniently pick them up from the airport before you board your flight home!Klook Sugar & Spice Nougats Now!

4. Chia Te Pineapple Cake

Taiwan is basically the birthplace of these delicious pineapple cakes!Pineapple cakes have a buttery pastry enclosing a dollop of pineapple filling with a good balance of sweet and sour. There are quite a handful of famous brands in Taiwan but Chia Te proves to have achieved the key ratio of pastry and filling that reaches out to all your different taste buds.If you’re not much of a pineapple fan, you can check out their other flavours such as cranberry, strawberry, prune and more!

Drop by their store in the Songshan district (No. 88, Section 5, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105) where you can buy home a couple or even buy in bulk – you can have them packed in bags or in a box for safer check-in. Alternatively, if you have time to spare, you may place an online order through their website and have it delivered to your hotel at a fee. Do note that it will take at least 4 days for the order to be processed, or even longer if it’s near festive seasons.Better yet, if you’re only reading this and have less than a couple of hours left in Taiwan, you can Klook your Chia Te goodies and pick them up at the airport! #everythingforfoodKlook Chia Te Pineapple Cakes Now!

5. Ali Mountain (Alishan) Tea

Alishan Mountains hidden deep in Chia Yi County not only serve to be a picturesque hiking location but also where aromatic tea is harvested.As it tend to be wet and cold all year round, it becomes the perfect condition for tea plantation. Alishan tea is an oolong tea with a light orchid aroma, hints of fruits and a light creaminess, it’s definitely something tea-lovers will enjoy! The tea leaves have to be steeped in hot water that’s ideally between 90-95ºC to achieve the close-to-perfect brew.We recommend you to buy back a box of Alishan oolong tea to have during tea breaks, you won’t regret it! 온라인카지

6. Sun Biscuit

Affectionately known as Tai Yang Bing, the Sun Cake originated from Taichung and is a round flaky pastry with maltose (condensed malt sugar) usually sold in gift boxes. Most people love to savour them with Chinese tea, while others dissolve them in hot water for a porridge-like warm dessert!There are several famous brands selling Sun Cakes including Chia Te, Li Yi and Luna. Be sure to pick up the different brands to test for your favourite!Klook Pro Tip: We recommend you hand-carry your Sun Biscuits because they are quite fragile and might get crushed if checked in!

7. Taiwanese Fruit Jelly

These fruit jellies are a gem once you try them!With an interesting texture; not too soft and the right amount of chewiness, each bite is a burst of flavour! There is a huge variety of flavours, from lychee, mango, passion fruit to preserved prunes! Very interesting.You can purchase them from souvenir shops but most night markets will have a vendor laying out hundreds of jellies on a table! #jellyworlddream

Have the time of your life as you reel through the assorted colours and if you’re curious about how it tastes, most vendors will allow you to have a try! We’re a 101% sure you’ll name favourites under minutes.

8. Taiwanese Honey Layer Cakes from Amo Cakes

Although really popular in Taiwan, Amo Cakes might be less well-known out of Taiwan, might be. They started as a quaint bakery back in 1994 and have grown to multiple outlets in Taipei, Taichung and the Hsinchu area.Amo carries a wide variety of bakes, from the signature pineapple cakes to perhaps one of their more famous counterpart, The Taiwanese Honey Layer Cake. It is a definite must-try when you’re in the land of Formosa. Imagine 7 layers of handcrafted cake glazed with local Taiwanese honey and a light lime liqueur – mmm yummy!When packed, the cake can last for 15 hours out of the refrigerator and must be consumed within 4-6 days to ensure freshness. The locals recommend to have a slice of cake with the famous Alishan Oolong Tea – sure does sound refreshing!Klook Pro Tip: Before consumption, remove the honey cake from your refrigerator and allow it to thaw to room temperature for about 10-15min.

9. Grandma’s Iron Eggs

We know eggs aren’t usually black but trust us, you gotta give these Iron Quail Eggs a chance!They are a wonderful combination of flavours – savoury, sweet and slightly spicy. The eggs are boiled and air-dried several times in a top-secret broth that only the owners of Grandma’s Iron Eggs know! The original store lies in the little nooks of Zhongzheng Road in Danshui where you can get the eggs fresh or vacuum-packed; very suitable for bringing back home!Throw in a couple packs and wow your friends and family with these queer eggs, you’ll be the talk of the town!

10. Hi-Chew

We’re quite sure this is another SUPER popular candy that most candy-lovers around the globe have tasted before.For the benefit of those who’ve never heard of this glorious candy; a Hi-Chew is a small cuboid-sized chewy (duh) sweet with a fruit filling. They are originally manufactured by Moringa in Japan, and are still till this day. However, Hi-Chews are also now made in Taiwan where several Hi-Chew fans have pointed out slight differences in taste and texture between both.Apparently, the Taiwanese versions have a stronger fruit flavour and slightly sweeter hence a heavier whiff of fruity aroma a compared to their Japanese counterpart. So why not grab a couple from any grocery store or convenience mart and have a little taste for yourself!

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